By joining the PTA, you help us meet our school's needs that are outside the scope of their budget. You also get great discounts, locally and nationally. When you go a step further and volunteer to help with events—or join our board— you set a fine example for our students to follow, and greatly encourage our teachers and staff.

HOW TO JOIN FOR Adult family members and staff:

To join PTA, create a login and enter the requested information. You may choose the information you'd like to have included in the directory. You can purchase your membership on this site with a credit card or select Pay Offline during check out and follow the prompts to print the form and send in your check/cash. 


Become a Member

  • Membership is $10.00 per adult.
  • All Members will have access to the secure on-line student directory. 

community members:

If you do not have a student at Reed Elementary, you may go directly to joinpta.org to purchase your membership.


General Membership Meeting Dates

As a member, you have the opportunity to vote at PTA meetings





  • Go to meetings? 
    No. You are welcomed and encouraged to attend our general meetings. The only meeting you are required to attend is the April 2021 Meeting when the drawing will occur. 

  • Volunteer or spend a lot of time at school?

    Nope! Joining the PTA is not the same as volunteering. If you choose to volunteer we would LOVE the help—but volunteering is not required.


You can save money with PTA! Members can save money on everyday purchases thanks to local and national PTA’s member benefits provider program.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Which membership will I receive if I win? The name that is drawn will choose which one membership they will like from the choices below.


Who can join PTA? Anyone can join PTA, including your student. Everyone who joins will be entered into the drawing, students included. The more family members who join, the greater your chance to win!


What is the cost for a membership? $10 each


Do I have to volunteer if I am a member? No, you do not have to volunteer.


How do I join? Visit www.reedpta.org.  You can pay online with a credit card. 


* If you have problems joining please visit joinpta.org.



Join PTA

Become a Member

Volunteer Opportunities

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