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Membership is $10.00 per member.

 Top reasons YOU should join the REED PTA 


1. There’s no better way to stay connected to Reed and what is happening on campus!

The PTA prides itself in helping our families stay connected to all things Reed with our newsletters, flyers and social media updates.


2. It’s great for your student!

There is a lot of research that shows being involved in your child’s education and at the school is great for your child. The relationships you build with administrators, staff and other families are invaluable. 


3. There is something for everyone.

We have numerous opportunities to get involved to fit your time and talents. You can volunteer a little or a lot, and we understand each person has a different availability and capacity to give and be involved. Join us for a meeting, volunteer in your child’s classroom, attend a PTA sponsored event, or simply just join as a member, we’d love to have your support. 


4. You CAN make change happen.

By being involved at Reed, you’ll be part of the solution helping to make positive changes. Local PTA’s play an important role by supporting school improvements through advocacy and in fundraising for educational programs and social events.


5. We are FUN!

There is nothing more the Reed PTA likes to do than have a good time. We love providing fun and engaging opportunities for our Owls. We host several fun family events throughout the year and would love to have you join us. Our events are always a hoot! 


6. We are WELCOMING!

The Reed PTA is made up of a diverse group of volunteers with different backgrounds, interests and abilities. Whether you are a full time employee, stay at home parent, a Reed grandparent or community member, we welcome all individuals with open arms to be a part of our PTA. 


7. Being a member has its perks!

With your membership you receive special member only perks at Reed family events and online access to the Reed PTA directory. Being a member of any Texas PTA also includes national discounts which can be found here

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